Contribute to Colt

The best resources for learning are the ones that have a strong community behind them. That’s why at ColtXP, we encourage everyone to contribute in whatever way fits their lives best. Here you’ll find some quick guides on some of the ways you can help better the ColtXP community.

How can you help?

List Projects as a Mentor

The best way to help us grow is to help others grow in their journey as developers! Have an open source project you're working on you think a junior could jump into and learn a few things? List it here!
All listings are reviewed before being published

Complete Github Issues

We try to stay as self-maintained as possible, but occasionally we'll have open issues anyone is welcome to tackle. See something that needs some tweaking or fixing? Open a Github Issue and become a contributor!

Contribute through Patreon

Do you feel strongly about the mission of ColtXP but dont' have the time to contribute through listing a project or taking open issues? Consider donating through our Patreon to help ColtXP reach as many people as possible!

Spread the word

Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell your boss. The more people that know ColtXP exists, the more it can help those who need it!

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