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Why ColtXP?

One of the definitions of a colt is a 'young or inexperienced person.' Historically, and still in some trades today, the only way to gain experience and graduate from being a 'colt' was to work with an already skilled tradesman. The mentor/apprentice relationship was and is important.

One thing about the dev community that is truly inspirational, is the willingness of other developers to extend a helping hand to people who are passionate and determined to learn their craft. From this relationship between mentor and apprentice my goal became building a place for those eager to learn and those willing to teach, to meet.

That was the birth of ColtXP. A place for new and aspiring developers to join forces with senior developers to work on live real-world applications! You will no longer have to turn in resumes with blank experience fields. Now you can link up with senior developers, or list a project as a senior developer, and build a true one-on-one learning experience in the world of open source!

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